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"There are No Seven Wonders of The World in The Eyes of a Child. There are Seven Million."

– Walt Streightiff

"Children Are the Reason I Laugh, Smile and Want to Get Up Every Morning."

– Gena Lee Nolin

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How Sydney Steinger And A Child’s Home Are Helping Place Needy Children In Adopted or Fostered Homes
– Forbes.com (December 20, 2021)

A Child’s Home is Their Sanctuary

Help us spread a message of love and hope so we can create loving families through adoption. A Child’s Home is an organization dedicated to connecting kids with their new parents.

In these challenging times, family is more important than ever. So many children across Florida have experienced hardships when all they want is to give and receive love.

Meet the Kids

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Adopting in South Florida

ChildNet, the Community-Based Care lead agency for Broward and Palm Beach counties, reports that as of July 2021 there are more than 4,500 children in foster care.  On any given day, there are approximately 750 children available for adoption from foster care without an identified family.

Florida’s children come into foster care through no fault of their own. Some enter care because they were abused, neglected, or abandoned or because their parents were unable to care for them due to the parent’s drug abuse, imprisonment, or other impairment.

In some cases, children enter care because they have medical needs or disabilities their birth parents cannot cope with.

They come from varied backgrounds, circumstances, races and ethnicity. While some have specific medical, physical or emotional issues that require special care, many do not. Their life histories are shared with prospective adoptive parents.

When Florida’s children in foster care are available for adoption, the legal rights of their biological parents have been terminated, and the children will never be returned to their birth parents.

These children long for a permanent home, to be loved by a forever family with whom they can share their hopes, dreams, and success with as well as the challenges they face along the way.

Our Mission

In addition to raising funds and awareness for adoption, each week we promote a segment on WFLX Fox29 news highlighting a different child in need of their forever home. Our goal is to allow each child to be seen so they can find the home they are waiting for.

There is a pressing need for adoptive parents in our county, as the numbers of children without a home greatly outweigh the number of adoptive parents. We also hope to educate potential parents in my area about how to become adoptive parents so they can help a child in need and give them the home they deserve.

We hope that our efforts to allow each child to be seen across our county will help them find the forever-loving home they deserve.

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Learn more about some of the children hoping to find Forever Families:

Heart Gallery of Palm Beach County: https://heartgallerypbc.org features the children available for adoption

Children’s Home Society: https://www.chsfl.org/services/adoption/​, 561-868-4303

Friends of Foster Children: www.friendsoffofsterchildren.com , 561-352-2540 Support to existing foster, relative and adoptive placements

Adopt Florida: http://www.adoptflorida.org  Information and resources